An article about abortion appeared on the front page of the Johnson City Press on Sunday, January 31, 2016.

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In the article Mr. Casey interviewed both pro-abortion and pro-life people. The pro-life position was represented by Christians, mostly through theological arguments. While these arguments are true, if you’re not a Christian, the logic may be lost to you.

There is, however, a non-religious view that almost everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike, can agree with: It’s just not right to kill innocent people.

People? You say—these are fetuses, they’re not people.

Centuries or decades ago this argument might have been supportable. But National Geographic’s documentary series: “In The Womb,” shows us that a fetus is an unborn human being. A tiny person. And makes it clear that these tiny people, living in the womb for their first nine months, can experience peace, or pain.

Up until 1973 Americans protected the weakest among us, the unborn children. The Supreme Court Decision in Roe vs. Wade changed all that. This turned America into a barbaric nation, just like Nazi Germany.

Just as the Germans justified killing the Jews, Americans could now justifying killing the weakest among them—their unborn children. Truly, barbarism at its finest.

Please watch the first of the series below and decide if these are people, or just a minor inconvenience that should be disposed of as easily as a decayed tooth or a dermatologic cyst.



Fortunately, in 2014, after a long legal battle, the voters of Tennessee corrected some of the errors of this position and passed laws protecting unborn children in our state. Sadly, some among us are denying the reality of the National Geographic video and holding fast to the barbaric position instituted by the Supreme Court.

The struggle continues.