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  • Hawthorne Street

    I turned the rented Toyota onto Hawthorne Street. This was my first visit in over forty years. I thought it odd how the neighborhood had never changed. I expected it would either be run down on its way to becoming a slum; or gentrified, showing the gaudy signs of prosperity exhibited by the nouvo rich. […]

  • Rudolph

    My name is Blitzen. Further introduction should not be necessary. I’m going to tell you the truth about Rudolph. You know; the reindeer with the red nose. I know you’ve heard of him, but what you think you know about him is mostly wrong. A public relations company made up the story of Rudolph. Don’t […]

  • Laura

    Brett rolled over and looked at the clock. It was 4:02. His alarm was set for 4:30 but he was so excited about today’s trip that he’d been laying there staring at shadows on the bedroom ceiling since 3:30 that he decided to get up.He and his buddy Stan had been planning this trip for […]

  • Thanksgiving Memories

    Authors notes: written in 2012, story is based in 1982 After dinner I headed for the living room and my favorite chair. As I sat down I loosened my belt a notch, then another, and finally unbuckled it altogether. Still not comfortable, I unbuttoned my pants and slid the zipper down a couple of inches. […]

  • Tom Turkey

    Turkey Day By Jerry Paulsen Author’s note: This story was originally written in 2015 as a writing exercise at a Lost State Writers Guild meeting. It has been revised a few times. Tom looked around—he was the only turkey left. He wondered where all the other turkeys had gone, but in his heart he knew. […]

  • The Job

    The Job By Jerry Paulsen October 13, 2022 “Hamster, is that you?” I was surprised when the airport cop with five stars on his collar blurted out an old name at me as I walked past him. My cover was probably blown but it was best not to bolt, best to see where this goes. […]

  • The Paulsen Boys

    Jerry sat on a kitchen chair drinking a brandy manhatten. Five feet away, his brother Buddy laid on the tiny couch in a fitful sleep. Dying from his throat cancer for all Jerry knew. Over the couch a window air conditioner vibrated the wall and discharged a stream of cold air, with the acrid smell […]

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